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Media Day Notes

I'm just going to do this in bulletpoint form. DEAL WITH IT.


  • I sort of paid attention to Bret Bielema. For the most part, I was jittering with anticipation of Pat Fitzgerald.
  • In terms of personnel, coach Fitz basically says Brandon Williams will be Northwestern's punter. He also mentions that John Henry Pace will be our long snapper, causing writers everywhere to not listen.
  • For the record, it strikes me as really weird that we had really crappy football teams for decades, but now have one that wins, and now they have a GPA over 3? Did those older teams suck at football and reading?
  • Running backs: He wants ONE. This is big, because last year, we tried to play EIGHT. But he says that that guy has to earn his spot. This is the first time I've ever heard somebody say this - it gives me the impression maybe he's going to give Arby Fields the ball more than he should in an attempt to make him a "feature back". Quite frankly, I'll give that up if it means Fitz will mention Tim Biakabatuka some more.
  • Fitz doesn't care about expansion or conference championship games. He doesn't say it, but I can tell by the slight slack in his jaw that occurs when he has to produce coach speak about things that aren't football or having smart students.
  • I'm liking Dan Persa more and more. Apparently, he won the Iron Cat, which is a strength/conditioning award during the offseason - we knew he was fast/a good athlete, but the best on the team? Wow. That's always good to see.
  • That being said, Fitz says he will follow in CJ Bacher's footsteps. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!
  • Fitz says after the Outback Bowl, prep QB's started showing a lot of interest in a program that throws the ball 79 times a game. BANG.
  • Somebody asked Fitz about Iowa. He cites the fact that we play with an oblong ball that bounces a lot of different ways. Some might say that this means he's acknowledging luck, which I kind of did in that post I wrote about luck and fumbles a few weeks back. To piss off Iowa fans, let's say that what he was actually saying was "you punks suck at playing with regulation footballs, and haven't figured out how to throw or catch them properly, and I hate you with a burning venom."
  • So, in 15 minutes, the true meaningful stuff I got was the punter/running back situations are a little different than I personally thought, and Dan Persa is a beast.
  • Ron Zook has a cold or something. I'm immediately reminded of Bruce Weber, whose voice is really raspy and he speaks only at 250 decibels, which has made the one conversation I had with him and the one time I sat in the front row of one of his pressers burn holes into my eardrums.
  • That's all I got for now - I might update this later - I'm going to keep tweeting up a storm though.