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Scrimmagin, Roadtrippin, Kyle Rowley Dominating, and Other Monday Sips


I can't feel my blogging face.


  • So, news: I'm sure I've said it before, but I'm going to Vanderbilt. School for us NU students doesn't start until about September 20th - I'm showing up about the 15th - and that leaves me with two weeks where none of my high school friends will be in New York. I would kill for any excuse to do anything interesting. Driving 1000 miles for a football game is a gift, not a burden. Problem is, I'm from New York. I take the subway everywhere. The one thing of many nobody from out of town understands is that nobody from New York needs to drive, ever. I'd say about half of my friends have driver's licenses. Until last Tuesday, I didn't have one. But then I took my test, and now, I have one. So me and two of my bros are going to hit the road Friday afternoon and check in Monday night, and somewhere in between we're going to drive 2000 miles and see a football game. Coverage of NU's opener on this site will therefore be live and in person, and therefore, hazy/awesome as all hell. 
  • Secondly, and less importantly, I'll be out of town and the majority of internet range from this Wednesday to next Wednesday. But never fear, I've written/am writing posts for every weekday and several for some days next week, even if I won't be in town, and they'll be appearing every day at noon. Enjoy. 
  • That fancy NU football scrimmage was Saturday. I couldn't go, because I don't live anyplace in the vicinity of Kenosha, Wisc., but it doesn't sound like anybody missed much in terms of our starters, as they apparently didn't play much. HTP was there, which is good, and LTP's man on the scene noted that Lee Coleman and Charles Brown dropped a lot of passes, which seems to be Lee Coleman and Charles Brown's collective M.O. Sounds like the Watkinsurgency is still going strong, Venric Mark and Adonis Smith might be able to contribute ASAP, and we need a name for Trevor Siemien to go along with the Cult of Persanality and Watkinsurgency. I nominate the SieMillien Man March.
  • Kyle Rowley was never much of a great passer before he transferred to Saint Mary's. Which is why the news took me especially by surprise that he threw nine touchdowns in the Arena Bowl while leading the Spokane Shock to victory. He must have been the least mobile quarterback in Arena history. Also, didn't the Arena League fold? Either way, congrats to Kyle for fighting through the adversity, switching sports, and winning a championship. Never saw it coming. (Hat tip to Loretta.)
  • Yesterday, the women's soccer team beat DePaul 2-0... starting the fall athletic season! Damn, that went slowly and painfully.
  • Brian Peters' preseason blogs have been great. I particularly enjoyed the tidbit that Jared Carpenter enjoys singing rap music with his name inserted in whenever he can, because I've never heard him speak, but have heard him do that. I'm also intrigued by players on our team having mullets.

That's all for now. Join the Siemillien Man March with me.(Or come up with a better idea.)