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Friday Sips

I didn't always post on Friday over the summer, but August is about getting back into game shape.


  • For y'all it's the end of the work week, but stuff gets started for NU this weekend as the football team reports for campus tomorrow, and practice starts Monday. I'll enjoy not doing strenuous workouts over the next few weeks, with the weeklong Kenosha trip next week and a return to Evanston on the 24th. I'll enjoy not doing strenuous workouts during that time.
  • The big news of yesterday, of course, was the announcement that the first Big Ten Championship game will happen at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. I don't have a problem with it, other than that it's the most boring possible choice - you had Soldier Field and Lambeau on the table and you go with the new, soulless stadium? Alright, cool with me, I guess. Also, Big Ten, listen up: the home base of your conference is Chicago. Not Indianapolis. I get that it's geographically centered, but that doesn't matter for things like this. Know where your bread is buttered. (Hint: you want it to be Chicago.) Also, it sucks that your basketball tournament and football championship game are in the same building. (update: check that, just the same city. I was thinking of the Final Four.) Come to think of it, I hate this decision. Screw you, Lucas Oil Stadium. Whoever let George Lucas buy his own oil company was a tool.
  • Does anybody think that the one guy who voted "N/A" in the "what's the worst stadium in the conference" poll wasn't the Northwestern guy? First off, nine guys voted for Ryan Field. And understandably. Even we all hate it, and we're Northwestern fans. That makes the Northwestern guy either a) the n/a guy or b) the Indiana guy. And I highly doubt anybody who plays at Ryan Field for all their home games would be like "man, I truly dread having to go to Indiana to play in the dismal atmosphere they have there, that place is a dump" when they play in a giant semi-attended cavern of non-distinct bleachers.
  • Talking about polls, we have our first hot poll action of the year, as the coaches poll came out today, and Northwestern has a majestic two votes. This means either two people think we're top-25 material, or one guy thinks we're top-24 material. This puts us slightly worse than Texas A&M (3), but better than Northern Illinois (1) and exactly as good as Temple.
  • Love this picture of Pat Fitzgerald. 
  • With camp approaching, I decided to take another reading of the Pat Fitzgerald Intense-O-Meter. If you saw him at media days, you could tell he wasn't in full midseason form yet. HE was making jokes, smiling, the whole nine. That's indicated in the intense-o-meter, which only registers a slight uptick from 3.8 to 4.1, which indicates that Fitzgerald can reheat cold pizza using microwave radiation he emits from his brain. If you have any funny stories to tell coach Pat Fitzgerald, tell them to him now, because by September 4th, he'll be murderously intense.