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I leave town for a week and get back and this happens. Great.

Anyway, looks like we got Michigan, Nebraska, Michigan State, Iowa, and Minnesota, with Illinois our likely cross-rival.

First thought: everything works out pretty nicely: it's stupid that we're not in the same division as Illinois, but we still play them every year, and can't complain about the competitive balance in the division.


Update, 4:53 PM: Be sure to check the SBNation pages on the topic: here's the storystream from the homesite, and here's a link that will be updated with all the stories from around the network. Not to toot our own collective horn, but with the fantastic Along the Olentangy now onboard, we have all 11 conference blogs, plus one for Nebraska, as well as Off-Tackle Empire for the whole conference. So there will be lots of discussion on those... 13 sites. Damn.

Consider this your open thread for the revelation show. THE DECISION.