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Northwestern's Division, 2011/2012 Schedules Released

So it's official: Northwestern will be in an as-of-yet unnamed division with Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska. 


  • In our first two years, we'll skip Ohio State - meaning the class of 2013 will graduate college without ever having seen the Buckeyes play the Wildcats, which is a real shame for kids who love seeing their team lose violently in football. I certainly won't miss them - as I'll always say, Ohio State is the one school whose name I see and it makes my bowels loosen a bit, in both basketball and football. I've seen too many terrifying things happen to Northwestern teams in too little time.
  • We'll also miss Purdue - the first time we'll have a season without them since they became our "permanent rival" - and Wisconsin, who were a pretty decent opponent to have if you ask me.
  • The Illinois game appears to be protected, and will close the 2012 season.
  • Northwestern's game against Rice next year, currently scheduled for November 26th, will have to be moved, most likely to November 12th - you'd have to assume NU will want the game in the middle of the cold winter Rice won't particularly be used to. No other non-con games will be affected.
  • We'll travel to Nebraska in 2011 - they'll visit us in 2012.
  • Northwestern will have two straight years with bye weeks in November, which is good for enemies of the cold.

The divisions are still as-of-yet unnamed - obviously, suggestions are welcome. (That's what the comments are for.)