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Illinois State vs. Northwestern, Game Thread

Home games!

Today's the first and only game at Ryan Field for which I will not be in Evanston. In fact, I'm leaving New York in a matter of hours. I'm probably going to spend the first half here with y'all switching between the seasoned pros on WGN and my schoolmates on WNUR, then ditch at halftime to get to my plane which leaves JFK for O'Hare at 3:30. (Don't worry, it's Jetblue. I'll be switching between ND/Michigan, Miami/Ohio State, and Iowa/Iowa State throughout the flight.) (Also don't worry because there are ample television opportunities at the JetBlue terminal at JFK.

For those of you non-Evanstonian Cats fans out there, here's your thread for today's super-exciting FCS showdown. (For those of you Evanstonian Cats fans, I hope you're up tailgating now.)

We've lost to various I-AA teams in our time, so, let's not take this lightly and try to go 1-0 this week. Go Cats, yo.