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Northwestern, 37, Illinois State, 3: post-game


I'll be honest: like most of you, I expected a win today. But it's easy still to be impressed with how well NU played, even if it is hard to take any judgment from games against FCS teams. 

The Cats had their largest margin of victory of the Pat Fitzgerald era, kept their opponent from scoring a touchdown, forced a bunch of turnovers, and let virtually every player on the roster get into the game. (Seriously, there are players who did things who even I didn't know existed.)

Anyway, here's your postgame thread for you to feel guilty about crapping on an opposing team's life so thoroughly and once again refer to how great a human being Dan Persa is. (Right now, I have the "great person" chart listing him between Gandhi and Stephen Seagal, which is pretty good.)

Recap coming probably tomorrow morning - I'm about to get on my plane back to Chicago now. In fact, I'm posting this from the Jetblue terminal at the airport, where they gave me free internet because it's the best place ever.