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Friday Sips

It's 11:06, I just woke up, and I have three posts to write. Gonna try and do em all by 12:30. Let's go.


  • FIRST OFF. I did a really terrible job with the name of the week this week, and I swear on my life never to screw up so badly again. There's a human being on the Rice Owls named "Kramer Lucio". KRAMER LUCIO! His first name is Kramer, which is unfortunate, because he was clearly born before that whole Seinfeld thing happened and just lucked into having a name that everyone associates with being really crazy, not having a job but somehow having a lot of money, and hating black people. And Lucio is a pretty good name too because it sounds like he's this Brazilian guy. Anyway, yes, Brent Hotard - THE HOE-TARD! is the runaway winner over here, but we'll treat Kramer like a co-winner in my book.
  • So, last week, on twitter, I found something very important out from Chadnudj. Apparently, the Wildcat growl he plays every time NU gets a first down is taken from a song. Specifically, this song:
  • You can hear it right there at the beginning. This is the most important thing I've ever learned. The noise that I associate with Northwestern first downs - the one that sounds more like a crashing biplane than a cat growling - is from a song which is primarily about puns about Janet Jackson's vagina. This is all I need to know.
  • Apparently there's a Fake Evan Watkins twitter. I irrationally love Evan Watkins as much as the next guy, but... woah. Slow down there, horsey.
  • NU's injury report: really nothing different from last week. Carry on.
  • Fitz intense-o-meter's getting an update: those people who have interviewed Fitz more recently then me say he hasn't been as yelly at people as he normally is, so we can assume his intensity is taking a strange dip. With a modestly important game in the schedule, Fitz is having trouble cracking the upper register of Fitz intensity, and the o-meter is listing him at a 4.9 - indicative of Fitz being able to melt stones.