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Northwestern vs. Rice Game Thread

So, I'm in Yom Kippur services right now, but as soon as the gates close and I get to leave and start eating, I'm headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the end of this game. Hopefully, I'll have atoned for my sins - whether or not Northwestern wins will be a good omen, though.

Anyway, let's get it poppin. It's probably going to be hard for some people to watch this game - after all, you either had to pay or go to a sports bar, and not just any sports bar, just one of the two that's showing it. So keep the convo rolling so those of us less visually inclined can have a good idea what's going on. (And of course we welcome those of us using gamecast and listening to WGN or WNUR.) We had a great turnout last week in the game thread, let's do that times two. And also in terms of doing things again, let's not lose a game we shouldn't tonight.

Go Cats, yo!