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Wednesday Sips

Sorry bout the lack of posting - I been mad busy! Anyway, we're getting stuff right today.


  • First off, sad news out of Illinois State: name of the week Xzavier Stewart is no longer on the roster at ISU. (Thanks to @Hailtopurple.) How will we live without him? I don't know. All I know is that although he'll never play football again at ISU, he'll always have his NOTW trophy. This isn't like one of those Reggie Bush situations where I'm gonna take it away because he did something wrong, unless he changes his name, in which case, the trophy's gotta go. 
  • Lots of good things in video news. First, there's this, which is literally the most awkward two minutes of people dancing I've ever seen - especially Pat Fitzgerald. I could watch this all day, especially the two elderly people sitting by nobody in particular shimmying up a storm. Then there's this pump-up video, which does its job of pumping up very well, although, damn, chill with the heavy metal music at the end. Sadly, both are on Facebook, so, no embedding.
  • Saturday's game is on ESPN. Like, real ESPN. Can't particularly blame them, since the only other games they had rights to at the 11 time slot are LA-Monroe-Auburn, Vanderbilt-Connecticut, Kentucky-Mississippi, Ohio-Eastern Michigan, Alcorn State-Mississippi State, and Miami-Clemson. Impressively, NU has kind of defaulted their way into being the "Game of the week" at some weird thing in two straight weeks: last week because every other Big Ten team was playing doo doo, this week because all the other games in our time slot are doo doo.
  • You've probably heard the big news, which is that our running back situation is now like so: our starter is Mike Trumpy OR Jacob Schmidt, our backup is now Arby Fields OR Scott Concannon. I'm starting to believe that all this is meaningless. I'm so confused by this entire situation that I have another post just on this topic prepared for tomorrow. Get unexcited.
  • I figured I'd point out reader Sasser's blog, Bleed Wildcat Purple, because he namedropped it in the comments. Check it out - always good to see more people on the internets. 
  • That's all I have for now, but there's two more posts later. I feel like there's so much more stuff I should remember, because I haven't done a links post in the better part of a month, but can't.