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Northwestern Wildcats @ Vanderbilt Commodores, Game Thread



You might think you read this site because I'm supposedly good at what I do. If you think this, you're wrong. I'm terrible. I'm not that funny and I get practically everything wrong. The reason this is a good site - or one worthy of reading, anyway, is because of the community we have here. When I first started this blog on SB Nation about a year ago, I was genuinely surprised by how many people stopped by to talk in game threads. Needless to say, they were pretty great. There were days when the game threads had more comments than the amount of hits on my site.

Now it's a year later. Suffice it to say, I have more readers than I did back then. (I've had as many hits so far this month as I had all last September. It's September 4th today.) This bodes well for our game threads. If you were here last year - all four of you - well, welcome back. But if you weren't, even if you've never left a comment, well, there's a first time for everything, and we take kindly to your type around these parts. I think these here threads are the best thing we have on this site, so, unless you're a coward, please join in. Here are the unabridged rules: say whatever you want, whenever you want, so long as it isn't horrendously racist or offensive. Do that, and everything will be peachy. The comments appear as people leave them without you having to reload, which is pretty sweet. So let's do this, and kick our first full season of game threadin off to a nice start. Enjoy.

As for me, I'll be in Nashville, attempting to tweet/leave comments via my phone. Key word being "attempting." We'll see how it goes. Loretta is in charge in my stead, and he can and will kill you.

Go Cats, yo.

"94, rugged raw, kickin down your goddamn 'Dores" - Method Man