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2011-12 Northwestern Wildcats Basketball

Northwestern 69, Delaware State 50

Northwestern improves to 4-0.

A day in Belgrade with Luka Mirkovic

A tour of Belgrade, Serbia, with former Northwestern basketball player Luka Mirkovic.

The New Orleans Hornets Have The Wrong Specs On Michael "Juice" Thompson

The Hornets added Michael Thompson to their Summer League roster... but I don't think they know who's showing up to their camp.

John Shurna To Play For Atlanta Hawks Summer League Team

John Shurna will be a SummerHawk.

John Shurna Went Undrafted :(

John Shurna didn't get picked in the 2012 NBA Draft.

John Shurna NBA Draft Thread!

John Shurna might get picked! And he might not!

Why YOUR NBA Team Should Draft John Shurna

Seriously, folks. Draft John Shurna. I would, but I'm not an NBA team.

Mislav Brzoja denied admission to Northwestern, will attend Dayton

A 4.0 GPA apparently wasn't good enough for the NU admissions office.

Northwestern To Play Maryland In Big Ten/ACC Challenge

It's only eight months from now or something?

Louisville's Jared Swopshire to Transfer to Northwestern for Final Season

Northwestern will add a big man fresh off a Final Four run in Louisville's Jared Swopshire.

Offseason Basketball Stuff: Alex Marcotullio on British Preliminary Olympic Squad, John Shurna not at Portsmouth

Northwestern could have an Olympian, while its best player will miss a pre-draft camp.

Northwestern Women's Basketball: Morgan Jones to Transfer

Northwestern's HS All-American recruit will leave the school after only one season.

John Shurna, Your 2012 College 3-Point Shootout Champion


John Shurna in 2012 College Three-Point Shootout Tonight

A look at a meaningless competition nobody cares about.

So, Maybe Keeping Bill Carmody was Sorta a Good Idea

A peek at the coaching search in Illinois might shed some light on Northwestern's recent decision to retain coach Bill Carmody.

Jokes: Bill Carmody and I Grab a Sandwich

A story about lunch gone wrong.

Bill Carmody Coming Back Thoughts

Yay! Lucky Number 13!

Let's Try this Again: Should Northwestern Fire Bill Carmody?

I'm stupid!

So: Should Northwestern Fire Bill Carmody?

It's what you've all been waiting for, ain't it?

SoP Moving Pictures Thoughts on NU-Washington

Northwestern got smacked in the NIT. Bummer.

Washington Huskies, A lot, Northwestern Wildcats, (probably less points than combined turnovers + Washington offensive rebounds)

Sterling the Vomiting Man is back!

2012 NIT: Northwestern Wildcats vs. Washington Huskies

Northwestern plays really important NIT basketball, you guys.

2012 NIT: Northwestern Wildcats vs. Washington Huskies Game Preview

Northwestern takes on the first ever major conference regular champion never to make the NCAA Tournament, who surely aren't bitter about it.

Northwestern Loves Playing Purple

A discovery of one of the least-interesting trivium in college sports, Northwestern's winning streak against teams who also wear purple

Sippin' on Purple NCAA Tournament Open Thread

Weeping and such.

2012 NIT Roundup, March 14

Looking at Northwestern's region - are these regions? - in the NIT last night.

2012 NIT: Northwestern Wildcats, 76, Akron Zips, 74

Northwestern won a very, very, very close game to advance to the second round of the NIT.

2012 NIT: Akron Zips vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread


Picking the NCAA Tournament Bracket, Northwestern fan style

A look at how Sippin' on Purple will do bracketeering.

Why The Selection Committee Should Stop Using Non-Conference Strength of Schedule

or, the silly reason why Iona made the NCAAs over Drexel

Let's Win the NIT.

A pep talk on the eve of the consolation bracket's beginning.

Northwestern Wildcats a 4-seed in 2012 NIT vs. Akron Zips

Yeah.... this is silly.


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