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So Northwestern Lost the TicketCity Bowl.


In an empty Cotton Bowl Stadium, we found out Kain Colter is great, but not a god amongst men, that Northwestern's defense is still awful, and that every year, NU will find a way to nearly win a bowl game but then not win it and will continue to do so every year for the rest of eternity.

Even on a day nothing seemed to go right for NU, they fought hard and made it a game. The 2010 Wildcats were flawed, but props to them for coming back and doing themselves proud without their starting QB or running back. It was a pointless bowl game, and, take solace in the fact that NU's streak-snapping bowl win will take place in a more meaningful (COUGH rose) bowl, and that unlike this time, I'll probably be there.

Sippin' on Purple posting schedule will be back on track after I went three days without internet access: later today, a Purdue basketball wrap-up so we can feel clean going into Michigan State tomorrow. In typical Sippin' on Purple fashion, a TicketCity Bowl recap will probably come later in the week - we have like, 200 days until the next football game, so it can wait.

Condolences/complaints can go in the comments section below.