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Northwestern 98, SIU Edwardsville 55: When Keeping It Classy Goes Wrong

The goals for tonight's game were simple: no injuries, plenty of playing time for the reserves, and 100 points for the first time under Bill Carmody. I guess two out of three ain't bad, as there were no injuries and the bench played a ton (Shurna didn't even dress and none of the other four starters played more than 20 minutes), but sadly,NU fell just short of the 100-point barrier, as Carmody ordered the walk-ons to dribble out the clock on the final two possessions, to the chagrin of what few Wildcat fans remained. I watched all the way to the end in hopes of seeing 100, and found myself very disappointed.

Aside from that, the game went about as expected; Pomeroy's prediction of a 94-55 NU win was just about perfect. SIUE kept it relatively close for the first 10 minutes, as NU was giving about 50% effort on defense, but once they stopped goofing around, a 21-17  lead quickly turned into 55-22 before SIUE banked in a 3 at the first half buzzer.

It was quite the balanced attack for NU on offense, as they had 5 players in double figures and 3 more who finished with 9 points. NU shot 58% from the field, went 11 for 23 on threes, and 15 for 18 from the line, and pretty much got whatever they wanted on offense. Player bullets:

Drew Crawford led NU with 16 points in 16 minutes, and scored with incredible ease driving to the basket; he could have scored a lay-up on every NU possession had he been so inclined.

• Luka Mirkovic had 15 points in just 11 minutes, making all 4 of his field goals (including a three), and all 6 of his free throws. Luka has been improving at the line throughout the season, hopefully he wont regress back to his old form.

Mike Capocci filled up the box score with 9 points, a career-high-tying 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 3 steals. He did, however, commit three turnovers, all of them coming when he tried to dribble the ball through traffic at mid-court. Stop that please Mike.

• The scrubs were pretty dominant. Reggie Hearn had 10 points, Ivan Peljusic and Nick Fruendt both had 9, and Fruendt somehow managed 4 steals. Austin Nichols was the only NU played who didn't score, as he missed two threes and a front end in his 10 minutes. The NU bench was imploring Nichols to get on the board at the end, and he had a chance to pull up for a 12 foot jumper with about a minute left, but instead passed it to a cutting Peljusic for a lay-up. Way to be unselfish Austin.

Ok, there's only so much I can write about a game that felt more like an exhibition than the actual exhibition game NU played vs. Robert Morris (and I now see SIU Edwardsville plays Robert Morris in a few weeks; SIUE will get blown out). Too bad we didn't get 100 though; maybe it will come Sunday in a thrilling quintuple overtime win over Wisconsin.

Oh, I almost forgot. SoP commenter WestsideBrandon did the color for the broadcast, and did an excellent job, seriously. I've listened to plenty of student announcers this season on various broadcasts, and I have to say that Brandon is definitely one of if not the best student color commentator I've heard. So nice job bro, and be glad you did do a good job, as I would have been more than willing to spend two-thirds of this recap making fun of you had you sucked.