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John Shurna Out for Northwestern-Ohio State with Concussion

Via NU basketball SID bro Nick Brilowski's twitter:

John Shurna of Northwestern will not play tonight vs Ohio State after suffering a concussion Wednesday at Minnesota.

(P.S. Adding bro to people's titles: always works.)


Lindsay Willhite twat yesterday that candidates to receive his playing time are Mike Capocci, Nick Fruendt, and Reggie Hearn. Capocci's been serviceable and is a good defender, but doesn't really look to score, Fruendt has done essentially nothing of note in three years at NU but played well in limited minutes against Minnesota, and Hearn is a walkon, and although for the sake of bloggability I picture him developing into a moderately decent role player for NU somewhere down the line, he... probably won't lead NU to victory over Ohio State.

I hate Bill Simmons' Ewing Theory and everyone who subscribes to it, much like I hate Bill Simmons, mainly because it maligns Hall of Famer and beacon of my youth Patrick Ewing. But I'll believe if NU pulls out a disturbingly historic upset today. This would be Mike Kafka at Minnesota in 2008 xa billion.