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Michigan State 65, Northwestern 62: postgame meltdown thread

The Gus Johnson factor strikes again, as Northwestern somehow rallied from a late 13 point deficit to get within one. Then, Bill Carmody put on an endgame coaching performance that was reminiscent of Les MIles after 3 cans of Four Loko and 2 bong rips. Let's just go to the Twitter feed:


If I were Northwestern grad I would be ashamed with how stupidly the Wildcats played that last minute and diminshed the value of my degree.


Terrible end game coaching there by Bill Carmody. I really like the guy, but he didn't make the moves to win the game at the end.


So NW cut it to one, wasted 53% of the time left, gave up an OReb putback, forced a bad 3 and then took a final shot from 2, down 3. #smart

What a disaster. Vent away.