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Big Ten Tonight Is Bleeding Just To Know We're Alive

Yeah, so we're going emo with the music today, but that's what happens after a heartbreaking loss. Besides, Iris is a great guilty pleasure song. One of the funniest moments of college for me was on a road trip to Montreal, when this song came up on the iPod shuffle, and a friend of mine, a Mexican-American from inner-city San Diego, out of nowhere starts belting out "AND I DON'T WANT THE WORLD TO SEE ME" from the back seat. Damn right, Eddie, if your Vato brothers from back home had seen you then, they may have disowned you.

Anyhoo, I've calmed down a bit since last night, so let's try for some level-headed thoughts on the game:

- The soft non-conference schedule, in particular the lack of experience in close games, really hurt Northwestern last night. Going into last night, the 'Cats had been in only one spot where the game wasn't over with 2 minutes left,  the second game of the year at UTPA, and even in that one it never seemed as though the Broncs were capable of coming all the way back. It's not a good thing when the first down to the wire game you play all season comes against one of the top 3 coaches in the country.

- It may be time to sit John Shurna to allow his ankle to heal. I'm no doctor, but if by resting for 2-3 weeks he can come back 100%, then I think you have to do it. Not only is he a shell of his former self on offense, but he's become a total liability defensively and on the boards. Thursday he'll have to match up with Mike Davis, one of the best rebounders in the conference, and I can't see that turning out very well. Of course, the alternatives are to start either Alex Marcotullio or Mike Capocci, neither of whom are good enough to be starters in the Big Ten. Tough spot for Carmody and the medical staff.

Tonight's Big Ten action after the jump.

Indiana Hoosiers at Minnesota Golden Gophers (-10), 6 PM central, ESPN2

The big news here is that Gophers guard Devoe Joseph, on the heels of his second indefinite suspension of the season, had decided to transfer (at least according to his mom). Tubby Smith's team has enough depth that this loss won't hurt them too much, but the bigger issue here is how many Gophers have been suspended over the past two years. Al Nolen missed the 2nd half of last season due to academics, Royce White never played a game due to myriad off-court issues and a bout with the crazies (I will never ever get tired of that video), and Trevor Mbakwe missed all of last season due to legal issues (in his defense, it was apparently a case of mistaken identity; sort of a BNBG situation).

We'll see how the Gophers respond tonight; they haven't played well for the past month, are 0-2 in the Big Ten, and will find themselves in precarious NCAA position if they drop this one. Indiana has been brutal against top 100 competition thus far, particularly defensively, but there are too many questions surrounding MInnesota to make me want to bet on this one.

Ohio St. Buckeyes at Iowa Hawkeyes (+12.5), 8 PM central, BTN

I'm looking forward to this one, mainly to marvel at how good the Buckeyes are. Iowa is certainly headed in the right direction, but they're in for it tonight. Jared Sullinger is going to treat Jarryd Cole and Andrew Brommer like Jack White treats that annoying chick in The Dead Weather. Take tOSU, give the points, and enjoy Deshaun Thomas padding his stats in garbage time.

Gambling record: 10-7-1