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Northwestern vs. Illinois pain of infinite depth and sorrow thread


You already met Amado the Vomiting Man. This is his good friend, Sterling the vomiting man.

I'm normally not one to act outraged or drastically, but, if firing coaches midseason was a plausible option in college basketball, tonight should be Bill Carmody's last night as a Northwestern coach. I'm a Northwestern fan. I have a decent threshold for poor athletic performance. I understood when NU gave up 70 points to Wisconsin in football.

But this is a whole entirely different level. No effort, no seeming gameplan, and on top of that, they just played poorly. Missed shots, no boxouts, no defense whatsoever, nothing that good basketball teams do. I really hate to be brash and reactionary, but this is awful, and quite frankly, embarrassing.

The tourney hopes aren't dead. They're just bleak.