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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Illinois Fighting Illini Game Thread

Make em say uhh!

The LOLHAT is up for grabs and oh crap it's early why is this happening. Dan Persa is back and we all get him to watch football.

I was supposed to spend the morning tailgating a Loyola women's cross country meet for a friend but it turned out that interferes with Northwestern football, and since it's my semi-job to watch Northwestern football, I'm here basking in the warmth of ESPN2 and my computer screen. Having travelled to BC, attended EIU, and needed to relocate to the Lakefill to watch Army, this is actually the first game thread I'll actually be here for. I am tingly with anticipation - game threads are definitely the best thing about this site, because it for sure ain't my writing. I expected to be bumpin bumpin as always, so, show me how you guys have been doing it without me.

Go Cats, yo.