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Pat Fitzgerald Intense-o-meter update: Iowa Edition

Should Northwestern's 0-2 start in games where I post an intense-o-meter update mean I should stop posting these? I mean, probably. Like, if we lose again, I'm definitely gonna stop posting these every Friday. It's like a few years ago when I forced other site's writers to write things for my site when we won three games in a row after me doing that every week. I control the world


Iowa week reading: 8.5, indicated by "brainburn", which is like heartburn except, you know, your brain. And it's actual fire.

Delta: +.6

The Fitz intense-o-meter never goes down after a loss, you know that, right? It especially doesn't go down after a second consecutive loss that NU led by double digits, and it especially especially doesn't go down when you're playing Iowa. 

It's no secret that Pat Fitzgerald strongly dislikes Iowa. Actually, it is kind of a secret. You can't report on it. The team basically pretends this isn't true because it would be awkward to admit, as does Fitz, but he actually has a burning passion against this school. Possibly because they broke his leg, possibly just because. 

It's Iowa week, Northwestern is on a losing streak in games they could have won, and it's under the lights, and NU is 0-2 in conference. It's tough to imagine Fitz getting madder.