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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Iowa Hawkeyes Game Thread yo!

Under the lights on the Big Ten network, son!

Northwestern is going to do things and they're on the road, which means the game thread is gonna be tight. Nobody really wants to watch Northwestern play college football, but on the plus side, nobody really wants to watch Iowa play college football because they're also like us. Demetrius Dugar is probably going to start at cornerback, and he isn't Jeravin Matthews, but, you know, Marvin McNutt is going to hurt our feelings.

I think at this point we all know about the Northwestern vs. Iowa thing at this point. It's silly, it's funny, and we like yelling about it. But this game isn't really about playing Iowa. (Well, yeah, it kind of is.) It's about the fact that right now a team that's moderately okay is 0-2. This could still be an alright season. But it won't be if we lose to Iowa. Let's do this.

Go Cats, yo.