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Northwestern, 31, Iowa, 41, Post-Game Thread

Pat Ward dickpunch GIF acceptable.

NU outgained Iowa and played very well and possessed the ball considerably longer than Iowa did. But the Cats screwed up in a lot of phenomenal ways that allowed Iowa to pull out the win and send Northwestern to an 0-3 Big Ten start.

Life is pretty terrible. On the plus side, Iowa fans are making it very clear that they are a better team and expected to beat Northwestern and are considerably better than us and just generally expect victory against a team that is so worse than them, so at least they're enjoying life.

We had a good thing going, but this team just isn't good enough to keep that thing going. Northwestern very easily could have won this game but we're just not that team this year.

In other news, NU lost by ten in a game Dan Persa threw a pick six on the opposing ten yard line. Yup.