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Pat Fitzgerald Intense-O-Meter Update: Penn State Edition

Northwestern football's got me in a "singing 'I Shall Be Released' by The Band by myself in a room while crying" state of mind. Luckily, that's the difference between me and Pat Fitzgerald! 

Editor's note: For those of you interested in watching me play electric guitar while standing in the bed of a moving pickup truck, well, you probably should go to the homecoming parade tonight! You'll finally get to see my guitar, Marlon, which has been pictured multiple times on this site, in person. Although if you want to see me the whole way you'll have to walk at about three miles an hour for a half hour, which is generally a bad way to perform a concert. Also, it won't be a concert so much as me playing pop music and then some Northwestern-themed music while we pass the judges.

Jumpin jumpin (the dance floor's jumpin) young Kreayshawn grimey but I feel so elegant, ele-elegant elegant, ele-elegant.

Penn State week reading: 8.8, symptoms including a rare condition known as "Rammstein brain". 

Northwestern is 2-4. PAT FITZGERALD IS PISSED. (I saw him in practice Wednesday. That is not a happy man. Not specifically angry at anyone or to the press, just very yelly.) 

I could say more, but this is really all I need.