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Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread


Here's the thing: Penn State is ranked and we're not. That said, Penn State isn't actually that good at football. Unfortunately, neither are we, as demonstrated by the fact that Purdue just took Illinois to the house and like we got defeated by Illinois crap crap crap crap crap crap crap.

It's another night game, and that means all of Evanston is dope as hell. Unfortunately, judging by the way Michigan worked in a beautiful night game, well, uhhh, let's stop talking about things.

So, it's a home game which means this game thread might not be as poppin as usual, but still, BTN and whatevs and let's make this thing good. At least Penn State is far enough and we play them every year, so, Michigan won't crowd the entire friggin stands and make things really awkward. Should be more than half Northwestern people!

So comment up in here, and go Cats, yo.