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we are sad. This explains (in part) why we haven't had a podcast for the past few weeks. It also explains why we were too depressed to find a guest and instead we just decided to talk out our worries.

This podcast starts off with me and Loretta lamenting for a long time and then moves into us discussing drugs and purple drank and not being depressed. When you're in hard times, you have to count on your podcast to pull through. So if you can put up with the sadness and seriousness for a bit, I think you may enjoy, or maybe I'm overestimating. 



So, I was going to go for the ALL DEPRESSION playlist, and spent about two minutes brainstorming which songs should be on it, and for no apparent reason, these were the three that came out:

"Pain in My Life", Saigon ft. Trey Songz - one of the worst songs ever by a really bad rapper and a pre-YUH Trey Songz of which the chorus is "so much pain in my life" over and over again.

"Mood Indigo", Duke Ellington - word

"Fine and Mellow",  Billie Holiday is just one of the most depressing people of all time, in part because of her unfathomably sad voice and in part because her subject matter is universally about her man leaving her - MAYBE IT'S BECAUSE YOU SING ABOUT YOUR MAN LEAVING YOU ALL THE TIME, BILLIE - but Fine and Mellow is absolutely a jam and features Lester Young and Coleman Hawkins literally murdering it. Don't listen to In My Solitude though, because you'll actually kill yourself.

HOWEVER, I couldn't find suitable downloads of these. So instead, we have

"Tears of Rage", The Band - one of the secret storylines of this site is that my favorite song is probably on "Music from the Big Pink". It isn't "Tears of Rage", which is pretty much exactly what I was looking for when I went for an all-depression playlist, but it's on there. It would be pretty difficult for you to know what it is just by having read this site, but I've definitely mentioned it on here. Anyway, its perfect.