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Northwestern Wildcats, 59, Indiana Hoosiers, 38, Postgame Thread

Touchdowns! Touchdowns for everybody!

Northwestern won its first Big Ten game by running rampant over the truly horrendous Indiana defense for 59 points. (It could have been more.) Drake Dunsmore caught four touchdowns, Jacob Schmidt had 100 yards rushing, and Kain Colter had 100 yards receiving, and, well, none of those are typos. It's good to know that despite the 0-5 slide, Northwestern is capable of winning a game, and handily at that. NU gave up the first touchdown, but it wasn't really in doubt after NU ran off 24 straight. NU's defense looked shaky - they gave up 38 points to Indiana and allowed 319 - 319! - yards rushing, but, it didn't really matter as the offense was unreal. 

More importantly, this means I don't have to follow through on my vow to turn Northwestern into a Grantland-esque site for long form essays about Gossip Girl. Maybe if we lose to Rice.