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Sippin' on Podcast Podcats Purple Podcast, #007: MGOING, MGOING, MGONE


Baiscally the podcast has devolved into two parts: me and Loretta being furious and unfunny about Northwestern sports and then someone coming on and being good. This can't be healthy, this life we lead.

I'm actually pretty pumped to be joined this week by Brian Cook from MGoBlog. I actually really enjoy SB Nation's Michigan site, Maize n Brew - the alcohol-related name always gets me - but I cannot stress enough how great of a site MGoBlog is. BHGP is probably my favorite team-specific site, but there's no doubt in my mind that what Brian does over there is the best team-specific site out there. Crazy good analysis and crazy good writing means I'm reading you. I'd say I'd do it if I had the time, but the truth is it's like, better than what I'd do. Sorry bout the over-the-top praise, but, whatevs. We talked about things like Nick Sheridan's upcoming performance and Pat Fitzgerald's bid to take over as Intergalactic Emperor, a position currently held by Zoltan Mesko.

Here goes:



"Apollo Kids", by Ghostface Killah: I really wanted to use a Detroit rapper but I don't have any Slum Village on my iTunes, Em is too easy, and Big Sean kinda just sucks. (Although that Marvin and Chardonnay joint is catchy) Also, Ann Arbor isn't in Detroit. So I did what I always do -, search Wolverine - and was pleasantly surprised to see Apollo Kids pop up. 

Ghostface Killah is something everybody should be on. First off, THOSE HORNS. RZA's production on Supreme Clientele is absolutely phenomenal: every track just sounds filled with import and completely Wu. Second off, Ghostface is just one of my favorite rappers ever. My literary journalism professor the other day talked about the concept of assuming intentionality. That is to say, if you find while something reading a story, you have to assume the writer intended it to be there and meant the thing you found. I love this, because I do it all the time with hip-hop. I go in-depth analyzing second and third meanings and half-shades of allusions in verses that Jay-Z probably spent less than 15 minutes writing in his head and possibly intended but maybe didn't. Ghostface Killah is the rapper whose assumed intentionality is the most mystifying and incredible. Ghostface doesn't rap so much as he says stuff. It's incredibly dense and incomprehensible and abstruse. Listen to the hook. AYO THIS RAP IS LIKE ZITI. So I have a choice as a listener: I can either assume that Ghostface is just yelling whatever comes into his head or assume it all means something and my job is to figure it out. I choose the latter, and I choose to believe that Ghostface is next-level brilliant at what he does. But that's just me. He might just be saying things. Stretch Cadillacs, fruit cocktails, hit the shelves at Paul's Pastry Rack, walk with me like Dorothy.