Ed McCants Speaks Out.

Notice the tights: Northwestern Fans and Alum,

I have never publicly addressed the alleged incidents from my past. I would like to take this time to sincerely apologize to the community of Evanston and the Northwestern Family for the negative light I placed the University in. The media has done their job to sell a story. I will share with you exactly what happened with blunt truth so you may identify my faults as an individual but not as a criminal.

My acceptance to Northwestern University was my ultimate goal, to that point in life I never drank, I never went to parties... I was simply a student athlete and knew nothing else in life.

Prior to my freshman year 2 dear friend of mine were going through a trial in which they had robbed a man with a BB gun. They received 10 years in prison, during that time my grandmother had passed that lived with her as she suffered from diabetes, and I was expecting the birth of my daughter. I tried hard to concentrate on school, and the demanding tenure of the Big Ten. With the absence of K.O. and the introduction of a system I have grown to appreciate in the Princeton Style attack I was being challenged in all facets of life. Academically as you know was a whole other ball game.

After I survived a dismal freshman year, I began to drink and thought I was enjoying the college experience and put all that happened the year before in the back of my mind. One evening I hung out with a fraternity of which many of my friends were pledging. I had practice and wanting to fit in I drank excessively to catch up with what I had missed. I note that I was not hazed, but i made a conscious decision to drink excessively.

As a group of us walked to a near by house party I was extremely intoxicated and simply wanted to sit down. The house party was next door to an individual whom had been standing on his porch and was becoming increasingly agitated with the festivities next door. The man yelled at the group and through a wooden fire log off the porch which struck me in the head amidst the group. I was immediately knocked unconscious. This is were the log was thrown back at the guy and went through the window. I woke up in the hospital and was instructed to relax because I had been hit the head pretty hard. I went back to sleep and asked them to notify coach Carmody of what had happened. The nurses stated I could press charges for assault and battery but the guy was able to press charges first. Now this is not rocket science... The Chicago Tribune reported no injuries sustained to the guy, they portrayed it as we just randomly attacked some guy and subsequently the gentleman beats up two scholarship athletes with out a scratch....


I didn't want to live with the stigma over my head, and chose to save my teammates, family, and friends undo stress and financial hardship.... I went to a JUCO to concentrate on what I love. I re-grouped, regained my focus and dedication in the isolation of a small town, and brought a Big Ten/ Junior College with a NU intellect to a Mid Major School who was up and coming... I was able to instill a leadership quality that was both High Major, yet Underrated...


The next time I emerged was in the Sweet sixteen where UWM was eliminated by a tough Illini team, I admit I wanted final four... But guess what, if you knew my heart, knew my intentions and the real story Northwestern university was in the Tourney... Northwestern has been to the tournament and I took them with me!


My life is an open book and I am happy to answer any questions finally!

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