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Pat Fitzgerald Intense-o-meter Update: Michigan Edition

The Pat Fitzgerald Intense-o-meter is a device designed to measure a human being's intensity. Built in the 1960's by the CIA with the intention of learning the intentions of Soviet dictators, it fell into my hands and I use it to monitor the mindset of Northwestern's head coach, the most intense man in the world, in order to see how important of a game the upcoming week's matchup is.

Time for coach Fitz to take on Michigan for the first time in two years. At night. Under the lights. At home. 

Yeah, try keeping his intensity down.

Michigan week reading: 7.9, symptoms including instant death to nearby birds and small mammals.

Delta: +.3

First off, it's damn near impossible for the Intense-o-meter to track a loss of intensity after a Northwestern football loss. With each mounting defeat, Northwestern needs a win more and more, and Fitz's intensity goes up and up. And Northwestern certainly needs a win tomorrow: hugely ranked opponent, definite sellout, under the lights, marquee opponent. A win tomorrow changes the complexion of this season, and we all know that. So does Fitz.