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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Michigan Wolverines Game Prediction Thread Time!

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Tell me, Rodger's readers, how do you find out what Sippin' on Purple's staff thinks will happen in tomorrow's game against Michigan?

MountainTiger (First foray into predictin things, y'all!)

Northwestern has the misfortune of playing Michigan in a week where the second best team in the Big Ten has had the chance to work out early season offensive kinks but before Denard Robinson has had the chance to wear down under the wear and tear of the season. Offensively, I expect Northwestern to be able to move the ball decently even without Trumpy; while Trumpy was the clear number one back, I like what I've seen of Treyvon Green, and Adonis Smith should be ready to resume a larger role in the offense. This leaves things up to the defense. They will contain the Michigan run game effectively, but the combination of Denard Robinson's mobility and a shaky secondary makes me extremely nervous. Michigan will get some big plays when Robinson drops back to pass, so the key for Northwestern is to force turnovers and match scores. In the end, Robinson combines at least one ugly interception with some highlight reel scrambles and long passes as Michigan wins.

Michigan, 35, Northwestern, 24


Last week, Loretta8 predicted that the Cats would pull out a win against Illinois against all odds, and for about three quarters, his call was looking pretty good. I'm going to say here that he was off by a week, and that this will be the game NU defies expectations to notch an improbable win. This obviously contradicts all logic-- our secondary is a mess, our starting RB is gone for the year, Persa may or may not still be gimpy, and I have nightmares of Denard Robinson running untouched through our defense for 274 yards. But with our backs against the wall and nobody giving us much of a chance, that's when we tend to do our best. Hopefully this time when we race out to a 28-10 lead against the Wolverines, Fitz and Co. will figure out how to lock down, so that the game is in the refrigerator, the door is closed, the lights are out, the eggs are cooling, the butter's getting hard, and the Jell-O's jiggling.
Prediction: NU starts out like it's got a fire lit under its ass, defense bends but doesn't break, and we manage to hold on for a win.

Northwestern, 34, Michigan, 30


Sadly, Northwestern is in for a beatdown tomorrow night. One, there is no way in the world their ragtag defense will be able to slow down the potent Michigan offense. The NU secondary has been abused through the air the only two times they've faced FBS teams that try to pass, and if the safeties don't crowd the line of scrimmage like they did against Illinois, Denard Robinson will run wild. The only way Northwestern holds Michigan under 30 is if Michigan commits a lot of dumb, unforced turnovers or if Denard gets hurt.

So on offense, Northwestern will have to be near-perfect to stay in the game, and since Mike Trumpy is out and Dan Persa's status is uncertain, it's hard to imagine Northwestern putting up a ton of points against an improved Michigan defense. By the end of the night, Ryan Field will be three-quarters Michigan fans, up from 50% to start the game.

Michigan, 49, Northwestern, 17


I see no conceivable way Northwestern stops Denard Robinson. This is the No. 12 team in the nation for a reason. I said on Wildcat Report that previewing Denard vs. Northwestern's defense feels like being a character in Final Destination: I know what's going to happen and there's really nothing I can do about it. Don't get me wrong, this is going to be a close game: with Dan Persa, Northwestern's offense should put up points, even against a great defense thus far - I chalk this up to lack of competition - but Michigan's defense won't need many stops to pull out the W.

Michigan, 45, Northwestern, 35

Tell us what y'all think, and Go Cats.