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Northwestern Wildcats sv. Michigan Wolverines Game Thread

So it's Yom Kippur, which means I'm attending a Northwestern game without having eaten or drank anything in like, 24 hours. I was just at our tailgate. This is atonement for everything I've ever done ever.

However, it's the Michigan game, and I'm unbelievably pumped. Although many of you, and a tremendous amount of Michigan fans as well, have voted in our poll, and even I can't really be convinced Northwestern's going to pull it out today, I haven't ruled out the concept of Northwestern winning today. I still think it's possible. In fact, I straight up won't be surprised if it happens.

Hopefully, you punks are at the game instead of commentin' away - IT'S A SELLOUT! Personally, my fraternity rented out the Randy Walker Terrace for us and our alumni, so, you know, that, but if you're not at home, this is a damn important game and I expect this game thread to be poppin.

Go Cats, yo.