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Northwestern Wildcats-Rice Owls Game Preview/Prediction Time!

My predictions about rice aside, there's a football game tomorrow, and we kinda sorta maybe should talk about it.

For the record, we'll do basketball stuff Sunday, and the official Sippin' on Purple basketball preview edition of the website will be Tuesday - yeah, UT-Pan American doesn't scare me so bad. Sry.

Jump! Feel the apathy!


I am easily excitable about football games. I even got excited in anticipation of the Indiana game. I've got nothing for this one, though. Large numbers of yards are gained as Northwestern wins, 49-35.

Northwestern, 49, Rice, 35


I'm gonna be steamed if we lose this one. I expect us to fry Rice, with Colter running wild for long grains and Persa cooking up nice passes to Ebert. Our defense, though, is always a bit sticky. Sometimes our defensive backs get burned into krispies, and our linebackers look like they're stuck in pudding. It's enough to get you boiling mad. But I know Paddy Fitzgerald won't let his guys get threshed. He'll have them puffed up for this game. We're going to smell like jasmine when this is all said and done.

NU 41, Rice 28

(Okay, that was really good.)

I need to create a duration model in Excel by Tuesday and prepare a presentation on life annuities for Wednesday. Saturday from 11 AM to 3 PM seems like a good time to accomplish this.

Northwestern 38, Rice 21


Rice has a surprisingly good offense. Northwestern has had an unsurprisingly bad defense. We also lost to Army. Those three facts make this game look upset worthy, but let's be real: NU played out of its goddamn mind on Saturday against Nebraska. Part/all of me wants to believe that was no fluke. If they come out and destroy the living doodoo out of Rice, I'll believe it. If they play all milquetoast and Rice puts up 500 yards and 35 points but NU still comes away with the W, I won't. I think it'll be somewhere between those two things and I'll continue feeling ambivalent about everything.

Northwestern, 49, Rice, 28