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Northwestern, 60, Texas-Pan American, 36, Postgame Thread

It was ugly and boring and NU's offense looked ugly at times. But Northwestern got a comfortable 24-point win in their season opener, which is better than NU had done against UT-Pan American in previous efforts. 

Luka Mirkovic looked downright competent against a team whose tallest player was 6-foot-6, putting up double-digit numbers in the first half. John Shurna (unsurprisingly) looked extremely comfortable in the PO and put up 15. David Sobolewski and Tre Demps didn't look great or anything, but, well, it's early. The surprise star of the game was Reggie Hearn, who drained a three and a long jumper as well as bringing down five boards, picking up three steals and even absolutely rejecting a UTPA shot. 

Most importantly, NU is undefeated. We'll take a look at the season on Tuesday, aka Sippin' on Purple's official season preview day, and then we play in the Charleston Classic next week, which, is, like, actually important, as opposed to this.