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Northwestern Wildcats Basketball Season Preview: The Big Question

It's almost basketball season! (Never mind the fact that Northwestern has already played Texas-Pan American. I mean, you probably already weren't minding it, but whatever.) Sippin' on Purple attempts to figure out what will happen in a series of posts about NU's upcoming season.

Post one: How will NU replace Juice Thompson?

Post two: How much love will John Shurna get?

Post three: Big Ten basketball preview

Post four: What should NU do with Bill Carmody?

Post five: Where will NU finish in the Big Ten?

One fact defines Northwestern basketball, and the fact that you're reading this means you know what it is. Northwestern has never made the NCAA Tournament. Not once, not ever. Year after year, we tell ourselves that its time. Northwestern has done something over the past three years that it has never done before by qualifying for three consecutive NIT tournaments. Three times, NU has been alright, but only alright enough to be an also-ran. We're tired of waiting and the relentless pursuit of next year.

Is this the year Northwestern breaks through and makes the NCAA Tournament? We have our opinions, leave yours in the comments and poll.

Overall, where does NU end up in 2011-2012? When's their last game?


Second round of the NIT sounds reasonable. I know there is a lot of optimism for this team, but I'm not buying an NCAA tournament bid until I see it.


My crystal ball says 12 seed in the tournament, upset of the 5 seed, then a win in the second round, with our opponent not having sufficient time to prepare for our Princeton Offense. That makes us the darling of the tournament, which then ends in the Sweet 16, with a loss to $*&@# Duke.


Looks like another trip to the NIT. I'll just randomly guess they lose in the 2nd round of that.


I think that Northwestern will make the NCAA Tournament this year, not because I'm logical, but because I don't have a choice. I posted earlier about how I'm a senior. I can't contemplate them not making the NCAA Tournament this year because my brain won't let me. I said NU would finish seventh in conference, and I think that'll be enough to get in on Selection Sunday, provided the team does a little bit of work in the Big Ten Tournament.