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LSU Tigers vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread

¡El baloncesto! Hoy los gatos selvajes jugan contra los tigres de wait, is this the Puerto Rico Tip-Off Tournament? Oh, my bad.

Northwestern plays LSU today, and because you're unfortunate enough to read the website of someone who is literally obsessed with the sport of basketball, I'm oddly obsessed with this more than I am with Northwestern-Minnesota. I have posts on that, too, but, well, CHILL OUT DON'T WORRY OKAY I'M GOING TO WRITE ABOUT IT. (Basically, I'm saying keep reading this site during baloncesto and things will be good.)

Interestingly enough, the marvels of the internet aka ESPN3 are going to allow me to watch this game during my Civil War and Reconstruction class, so, consider this a shoutout to all of the people in the rows behind me shocked to see that I'm not playing Bubble Spinner this time.

Comment along and I'll keep you updated on what happened during the years following the Civil War.