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Tulsa Golden Hurricane vs. Northwestern Wildcats Charleston Classic Game Thread

Look who's creepin look who's crawlin still ballin in the mix!

Northwestern takes on Tulsa today and if you really wanted to read about it which, let's face it, you know you do, you sick bastard, you'd scroll down and read that stuff I wrote down there below the stuff about the football game Northwestern plays tomorrow.

If Northwestern wins, they go on to play the winner of the Seton Hall/St. Joseph's game in the championship game on Sunday. If they lose, they go on to play the loser of the Seton Hall/St. Joseph's game on Sunday. I want to do one of those things and I don't want to do the other one, but I'll let you guess which!

The game threads have been bumpin bumpin, which is pretty spectaular, because I like talking at people about basketball and that's what happens in the game threads. So let's keep that up.

Go Cats, y'all.