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Minnesota Golden Gophers vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread

Northwestern looks for their fourth straight win against lowly Minnesota today. Northwestern should win easily since Minnesota is not very good. However, Minnesota was never very good under Tim Brewster and Northwestern still had trouble winning easily, with two one point wins, a seven point win on a last second interception return, and a loss at home. So there's that.

According to my sources, it's windy today in Evanston, which could theoretically hurt Northwestern's passing game. So there's that too.

The game is on BTN in some markets, but not where I live; I get the privilege of watching Michigan State stomp Indiana. Instead, I'll be listening to Dave Eanet's dulcet tones on, which is way behind the live broadcast and means all big plays will be spoiled for me by you guys in the game thread or on the Twitters. And before you explain to me that I can watch this on BTN2Go or whatever it's called, that service isn't available on my cable provider. Comcast has not passed BTN2go, nor have they allowed me to collect $200. Traveshamockery.

On a more positive note, traffic was great for the basketball game threads the past two days, and if you haven't signed up for the site yet, this would be a excellent time to do so. We don't have many rules for the game threads, just don't ask for or post links to illegal streams, don't be a douchebag to other people in the thread, and if you're going to post a big picture or .gif, make sure to use a subject line.

Have at it, kids.