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Northwestern Wildcats, 28, Minnesota Golden Gophers, 13, Postgame Thread

Two words: Bowl Eligible. 

It wasn't pretty, but in a season that saw a five-game Northwestern losing streak, the Wildcats are now 6-5 after winning four straight and are able to be selected by a bowl. Which is what we want. That's spectacular, glad I could see it happen in my last game as a student.

Northwestern came out extremely strong, scoring three times with ease in the first quarter to take a double-digit lead. the game was never really close after that, but the offense stagnated and made it seem close, especially after an extremely errant Dan Persa pick. But the fears were unwarranted, as the Wildcats easily held on, with a long drive running down the clock from seven minutes to about not enough time to score while putting in a touchdown to make it a three-possession game and virtually end it. NU made some truly ballsy decisions on fourth down and they virtually all payed off, making us all happy.

Go Cats, y'all.