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Northwestern Wildcats, 80, Seton Hall Pirates, 73, CHARLESTON CLASSIC CHAMPIONS YALL Postgame Thread


Northwestern won its third game against a decent team in the Charleston Classic to move to 4-0 on the year and bring home some sort of trophy thing.

Drew Crawford had it popping as the Princeton Offense was working in the first half. Crawford had 17 first half points to give NU a 10-point lead at the break and some threes in the opening minutes of the second half extended that even further into double digits. 

Then things started happening the other way. Seton Hall went on a 15-0 run. Although the Pirates entered the game shooting 25.5 percent from deep, they were unstoppable tonight from beyond the arc, hitting at a 9-for-15 clip at one point and making me look silly for what I wrote earlier in the preview. The Pirates' big Herb Pope had an absolutely phenomenal game, hitting a ridiculous 14 out of 17 shots including both of his threes to finish with a monstrous 32 points and 10 rebounds. But NU showed a tad of resilience (and got some very favorable calls) and got some nice buckets - including a SHURNASLAM to finish the game - to pull away in the game's final two minutes and give us some trophy-ish thing, probably.

NU don't play til Friday, so, whatevs.