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Upset Special: Women's basketball beats No. 23 LSU, 44-43

No. 23 LSU was all like, yo Wildcats, we saw you at our game last year, and we know you stole our win.

And NU was all like, I don't know what you're talking about, we've always won against you.

And LSU was all, then you better bring it.

And NU was all, oh it's already been broughten.

Our Wildcats went into Baton Rouge on Tuesday, and just like last year against the Lady Tigers, and just like the men's team last week, we came out on top, 44-43. NU was down 43-40 with 1:24 left, but Allison Mocchi was like, no biggie, hitting a jumper as the shot clock expired to bring the Wildcats within one. NU then had two chances to hit the game winning shot, but two breakaway layups wouldn't fall.  Head coach Joe McKeown was all like to the ball, "The basket is your home! Are you too good for your home?"  But then Morgan Jones drove baseline and got fouled with 11.3 seconds left, and she was like, "I'm cool as a cucumber, watch me as I drain these two free throws for the lead."  The Lady Tigers then tried a three-pointer in the final seconds, but it hit nothing but air, and our Wildcats had grabbed the upset victory.

Awesome game for our 'Cats (who don't need no patronizing "Lady" in front of their name, cuz our Lady 'Cats are cheerleaders), who now move to 4-0 on the year. Brittany Orban led the Wildcats in this defensive-minded affair with 13 points, plus 7 rebounds, while playing all 40 minutes. Jones came close to her first career double-double, with 11 points and 9 rebounds.

Up next is a tough game at home against cross-city rival No. 20 DePaul on Sunday.  Win that game, and our Wildcats will probably get ranked or close to it.  Let's do it, 'Cats.