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Happy Thanksgiving, from Sippin' on Purple!

This will probably sound like me lathering on the BS, so let's go: I've got a lot of things to be grateful for. I pretty much just lie around all day, write stuff, and despite the fact that I'm quite clearly an idiot, I somehow get to attend an elite university which I have mainly used as a springboard into blatant alcoholism. That, you see, is perfect, and anybody who says otherwise is foolish. I'm thankful for all these things, thankful that I get to be where I am right now in life, and I'm thankful that for some stupid reason, you stupid punks read what I have to write. I'm not sure whether it's because a) Northwestern's football team started winning again b) the basketball team, which I really like writing about, started playing or c) both, but the past few weeks have seen a mass uptick in readers up around here, so, thanks. I don't know why you do it.

So from me and everybody else, have a happy turkey day, thanks for reading, and go Cats.

In other news, I screwed up the site this week, so, expect bball/name of the week/football previews and a bball game thread tomorrow.