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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Game Thread

It's Big Ten ACC Challenge time up in here!

Northwestern's undefeated, but unfortunately, they have to keep playing more and more games in order to remain undefeated. Tonight is one of those games! Northwestern plays Georgia Tech, who are traditionally good at playing basketball but sometimes they aren't, and now could be one of those times but we aren't sure.

The game's on ESPNU, so, uh, well, I'm going to watch it on ESPN3. The game threads for basketball have been quite great, so, come on in! Unless you don't like making jokes about Luke Schenscher. If you enter the game thread even though you don't like making jokes about Luke Schenscher I will come to your house and kill you as well as many of your friends and family. Hah, just joking! You're welcome too! Or are you? Do you really want to press your luck, guy who doesn't like making jokes about Luke Schenscher?