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UHHHHHH. In time for your Thursday morning commute!

We're joined by Jon Johnston of Corn Nation, who, it turns out a) wants his team to beat ours by 45 and b) wants us to find a reason for him to hate us. I THINK WE CAN ACCOMMODATE HIM IN BOTH CATEGORIES GO GO GO. We can easily make him hate us and furthermore, who actually predicts a 40 point victory?

Anyway, I genuinely think this is our greatest podcast yet. First off, we hit on the idea of having gimmicks. This week's gimmick is the first episode of "Northwestern football player or character from the 'A Song of Ice and Fire' by George R. R. Martin" series. Loretta8, who is a nerd and therefore reads the Game of Thrones series, assembled 15 names that are either obscure former NU football players or characters in the Game of Thrones series.  I thought I would go 5/5. I went 2/5. IT'S THE MOST IMPOSSIBLE THING EVER. 

The other reason this is the best podcast ever is because it's the first time I remember saying "it's okay, I'll edit this out" but then being way too lazy to actually do that, so, tell me when you hear it. 



"Ni**az in Paris", Kanye West and Jay-Z: I can't remember the last time a song grew on me this much. It was annoying as hell at first, and now I find myself yelling I SAID YE CAN WE GET MARRIED AT THE MALLLL over and over and over again. Lyricism is not at a premium, it's just another example of the two most popular rappers out acknowledging how great they are in pristine fashion and nobody being able to disagree. I have it here for the YOU ARE NOW WATCHING THE THRONE segment juxtaposed with our "Game of Thrones" segment, but is anybody complaining about having to hear this? It's just too cray.

"Surprise", by indeterminate artist: You'll just have to listen to find out. Do it. Trust me, it will be a real good time.