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Northwestern-Nebraska Thoughts from Corn Nation

The guys from Nebraska like football more than us! That means they're smarter, right?

The crew at Corn Nation wanted to do a Q/A, so I asked them some dumb questions that I think caught them kinda off guard, but whatever.

I have an IM dodgeball game Thursday evening. Will recruiting Taylor Martinez the same way those Oklahoma State kids got Kevin Durant help or hurt my team?

Andy: Depends on your run rules. In a league where the QB is allowed one rush every 4 downs, but can take off whenever blitzed, damage can be minimal if you never send a rusher. In a free for all, run every play league, he would be devastating. And he has a better arm than Durant. (ed. note: Andy seems to think I asked him about IM football.)

Ricky: If you need him to run around, yes. To throw? That's a crap shoot at best.

Aaron: Definitely help. Though he's been sliding a lot more this year, so he might get caught with a low ball if you are patient enough.

Jon Johnston: It would help. Taylor Martinez is very fast. Plus no one knows where the ball will be going when he throws it, meaning everyone will be surprised at the outcome.

Who's the Big Ten defensive player of the year? NOTE: must pick a player from Nebraska.

Ricky: Lavonte David.

Aaron: I would probably say either Lara Dykstra or Paige Hubl. They are leading the volleyball team to glory this year.

Jon: I agree - Lavonte David. Tied for third in the conference in tackles, the guy is everywhere. His football knowledge is amazing and he's very consistent. I'd have gone with Alfonzo Dennard, but he's missed some games and that'll cost him in the awards area down the road.

Mike: Toney McCray.

How is watching the Big 12 implode working for you guys?

Andy: Each time another team says it's leaving or the paper breaks with a story about the little guys voting Texas down again or news that Okie wants Beebe fired or they walk? Well, you know how you feel when you pop awake with morning wood? Not much difference.

Ricky: It's fun. It's like watching your ex-girlfriend get hooked on meth and then get busted for parole violation.

Aaron: It's fun and sad at the same time. Seeing West Virginia get all excited about traveling a thousand miles per event dumbfounds me, but there are crazier things. It's also fun to watch the Iowa State's and Kansas State's give the south teams a tough time.

Jon: Last year they did their best to paint us as evil, but this year has shown just how arrogant and full of hubris Texas is, and how willing Oklahoma is to go along for the ride. On your podcast, I compared Texas A&M leaving the conference to what it would feel like if Michigan State left the Big Ten. You realize how angry the Aggies had to be to dump a rival like the Longhorns? It's difficult to not be a "I told you so" kind of guy in these circumstances, especially when we got so much thrown at us last season. You feel vindicated, but at the same time there's a certain sadness about it - these are teams I've watched most of my life - I wish them the best, but I'm damned glad we're not involved in the mess that is them.

Since you guys joined the Big Ten, I've had almost night terrors about your creepy inflatable mascot Lil Red almost every night. Is this common and do you have any tips?

Andy: Hand over your money and don't make eye contact. Which is tough since his eyes are as big as dinner plates.

Ricky: Mascot smack? Really?

Mike: Jon is one of those guys who likes ‘Lil Red. So all I can suggest is using bringing along a large nail to deflate him.

Jon: Wait, what? Deflate me or the mascot? I do love Lil Red, I think he's just about the coolest mascot around! I think he should have his own reality show, maybe where he does dangerous daring-do acts like running with scissors and walking through an alley of razor blades! That would be amazing! Learn to embrace the red inflatable! He's bouncy fun!

Aaron: It's cool. Challenge him to a dancing contest and you'll become friends soon enough.

What are you guys' predictions for Saturday?

Andy: The offense match up pretty evenly but your defense is gawdaful. I think that's the difference barring an unreal performance from Persa. NU 48 NWU 22

Ricky: Hey look! A football question! NU: 49 NW: 20

Aaron: Northwestern makes me feel all at home. Just like in our old conference. We had a division opponent that also wore purple and called themselves the Wildcats. They didn't win very often. Difference conference, same results. At least this year. Nebraska 45, Northwestern 24.

Mike: LSU 21, Alabama 17. Oh, and Corso wears a funny hat at the end of GameDay.

Jon: What'd I say on the podcast, 56-14? (ed. note: actually, you said 56-17.) The offense and defense are coming together, your defense is struggling, and your offense is going to have a tough time scoring. Maybe the 56-14 is a little much, but I expect a serious butt kicking.