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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Nebraska Cornhuskers Game Thread

Guys, I've been thinking: how would you feel about having a real good time? Let's have a real good time. Let's have a real good time!

Northwestern plays Nebraska today, and it would be wiser for all of us to drink Dr. Pepper under and underpass than to watch it, but here we are. I appreciate the 2:30 start time for not making my brain feel awful, but I don't appreciate it for meaning that people might watch it and then all of the sadness. Although we could get an upset!

On the plus side, it's a road game that starts in the afternoon so the game thread should be mucho sexy. In my opinion, it will be a real good time, so, you know, be here. I also came up with a drinking game: for every Nebraska touchdown, we should shotgun a can of Dr. Pepper, or maybe even Dr. Pepper 10, because we're manly.

Go Cats, y'all!