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Northwestern Wildcats, 28, Nebraska Cornhuskers, 25. Postgame Thread

we won. we won. we won.

Northwestern beat the No. 10 team in the country. We beat them solidly, we had dumb turnovers and still won. We only need two wins to make a bowl. This game reiterates everything we've said about a team that has lost multiple games against teams we could have/should have beaten. This is awesome.

In other news,  Nebraska is 0-1 against us in in-conference play. Nobody on their site predicted them losing. We just beat them. We didn't just beat them, we kicked the crap out of them. This isn't a game one team "should have" won. This is a game Northwestern dominated all day and at the end of the day, we had more points.

This season isn't dead, y'all. We just beat the shoulda been best team in our division. CRAP, THE DIVISION RACE IS ONLY KINDA OVER. WHAT IS HAPPENING NOBODY KNOWS NOBODY CARES BECAUSE OF THIS