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Tre Demps To Undergo Season-Ending Surgery

It's the T-R-E the Spectacular.'s Chris Emma broke the news on Twitter that Northwestern freshman guard Tre Demps will undergo surgery on his shoulder and will be out for the season.

Demps injured his shoulder during an off-season workout, and there was some speculation as to whether he would even be able to play this year. He decided to give it a go and play through the injury with a brace on his shoulder, but it's clear that the injury was affecting his game, so this seems to be the best decision for all parties involved. When he's healthy, who can stop with Tre making moves attractin' honeys like a magnet.

The good news is that Demps hasn't played enough to disqualify him from a medical redshirt, so he will presumably still have four years of eligibility remaining starting next season, which means four and a half more years of rap jokes. All you bloggers thinkin' you can get with this, don't even try. You couldn't see this with binoculars.