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Northwestern Wildcats 81, Texas Southern Tigers 51, Postgame Thread

I didn't give it a preview, but it gets one of these: Northwestern got their biggest margin of victory on the year by pounding Texas Southern by 30. John Shurna put up 20 on five-for-seven shooting for three, Dave Sobolewski showed an ability to hit open jumpers by also converting five-of-eight, and the game was never really in doubt after a 20-3 early lead. Dunks were had and Northwestern walked away with the W.

But focusing on the bigger picture: JerShon Cobb, who had hip issues earlier in the year and most recently suffered a concussion, was back on the court and put up double digits. Meanwhile, Alex Marcotullio sat the game out, although it's not quite clear why. Hopefully Cobb will stay healthy and Marco will be good going into Creighton next week. Although there are two games between now and then, the next two are hopefully just like this one: getting in and getting out with the win and nobody hurt.

Central Connecticut State is next for the Wildcats.