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Eastern Illinois Panthers vs. Northwestern Wildcats Game Thread

The three games in four days Northwestern basketball extravaganza comes to a close today, as the Wildcats try to protect this house from the Eastern Illinois Panthers.

Yesterday, things didn't exactly go as planned. I wrote about how it should be an easy win, and instead, Central Connecticut State gave Northwestern a hell of a fight and would have pulled out the victory, were it not for a heroic performance by Reggie Hearn in the second half.

So today, let's scrap all the things I can write about how we'd like Northwestern to win and how I'd like to see this bench player get a lot of playing time and all that stuff. Northwestern should win, but it's not guaranteed. Northwestern's starters are tired after playing legit minutes a little bit more than 24 hours before this game, whereas Eastern Illinois' players aren't. So it would be nice for the Northwestern Wildcats to win, and that's all I'm going to say.

The game's on the BTN, so paid online streams aren't the only route.