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Northwestern Wildcats vs. Creighton Bluejays Game Thread


Northwestern plays No. 23 Creighton in a must-win game it would be really nice to win, considering we're about to play a lot of tough teams, including Creighton! That was a mouthful. Anyway, NU has a chance to get a win on the road against a ranked team, which is always good, especially when it gives you a chance to cap a somewhat weak non-conference schedule. Creighton website White and Blue Review went so far to say Northwestern-Creighton is the biggest home game for the Bluejays since 1998 and the coach has told fans he wants their arena raucous, so, hopefully NU treats the game with the same level of seriousness, because Creighton is definitely coming to play.

The game's on ESPN3, so we don't have to pretend we're watching while listening to Dave Eanet describe things for us. Although you can also do that if you hate seeing things.

Go Cats, yo.